Employment / Labor Law

As an American employee, you are afforded a number of rights not seen in several other nations. These include restrictions on the number of hours you are forced to work, overtime pay for when you are forced to work beyond the standard allottedhours and, of course, protection from workplace discrimination. Unfortunately, in a competitive workforce with dozens of prospective employees lining up for open positions, many employers seem to think that they can get away with breaking these labor laws. If you have failed to gain employment, lost your job or otherwise been harmed due to the negligence or wrongful behavior of an employer, you owe it to yourself to seek damages with the assistance of a Seattle employment / labor attorney. By working with the Urena Law Firm, you will benefit from the guidance and advocacy of one of the area’s finest employment attorneys.

Choosing The Right Seattle Employment / Labor Attorney

Before launching an employment case, it is important to find a lawyer capable of delivering excellent results. The Urena Law Office is a wonderful resource for any wronged employee in need of a talented and dedicated attorney. Norma Linda Urena has a long history of holding problematic employers in the Seattle area accountable, all while helping victims obtain compensation for any suffering they may have experienced on the job.

Aggressive representation is essential in employment law cases, with the ideal attorney conducting a thorough investigation so as to procure the evidence necessary for success in the courtroom. This investigative process may include the analysis of any documents related to the case at hand, as well as an overview of the company’s history of labor practices.

In addition to completing a full-fledged investigation, the employment attorney must also be able to adequately offer share the findings of that investigation in court. If an alternative approach to the labor dispute is chosen, the attorney should prove capable of working peacefully with the employer and the chosen third-party mediator.

Urena Law Office: A Sought-After Resource For Labor Disputes

Norma Linda Urena is well aware of the mistreatment many of today’s finest employees face in the workplace. She is eager to help wronged workers obtain the compensation they deserve, whether they have been let go for discriminatory reasons, forced to work overtime without pay or threatened with workplace harassment. The trusted employment attorney takes a proactive approach to all labor cases, not resting until justice has been achieved.

If you have suffered mistreatment at the hands of a local employer, do not hesitate to contact the Urena Law Office. You deserve financial compensation in the aftermath of these hardships, along with the peace of mind that accompanies a successful case resolution.